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LISTEN: National Briefing Call on Confronting Islamophobia

Listen to UFPJ’s Confronting Islamophobia Working Group, allies, and activists from around the country, for an informative briefing and dialogue on current and imminent attacks against targeted communities. Our experienced panelists lead a discussion on what we can do as a movement to fight the Islamophobia and racism that plague our communities and US policy […]

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Syria Resources

Regarding the facts: Talking Points from Phyllis Bennis, Director, New Internationalism Project Institute for Policy Studlies Tom Hayden – A Call for Forceful Diplomacy http://www.pdamerica.org/component/k2/item/1809-tom-hayden-a-call-for-forceful-diplomacy 9 Ways America Has Fueled the Bloody Civil War in Syria: America has undermined opportunities for ceasefire in Syria and a peaceful political transition. AlterNet- by Nicolas J.S. Davies McClatchy News […]

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Why We Need an Iran Pledge of Resistance

Edited and revised from an article in TruthOut about cuts in Social Security – Pledge of Resistance by Robert Naiman. In the 1980s, during Reagan’s war in Central America, there was a movement called the Pledge of Resistance. The basic idea was that you sign a pledge that if Reagan invades Nicaragua, you’re willing to […]

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Domestic use of aerial drones by law enforcement likely to prompt privacy debate

Originally posted on WashingtonPost.org. Full posting can be found here by Peter Finn AUSTIN – The suspect’s house, just west of this city, sat on a hilltop at the end of a steep, exposed driveway. Agents with the Texas Department of Public Safety believed the man inside had a large stash of drugs and a cache […]

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Public Opinion about military Action Against Iran

Public opinion is always hard to gauge, but here are some resources to help us think about what people are thinking and how the peace community should craft our messages to prevent war. Polling.com The polls from this site seemed mix. People are not necessarily for war, but they seem to believe a firm stand […]

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Manufacturing the Iran Threat

Here are links to Iranian voices speaking on the threat of war and two articles about the drive to war with Iran. Raising Their Voices: Iranian Civil Society Reflections on the Military Option:  If a war were to take place right now, the atmosphere would definitely become more restricted and more limitations would be imposed upon intellectuals, […]

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New Priorities Network: How do we pay for unemployment insurance and payroll tax cuts?

Media alert #1 – 1/18/2012: We need a break, and as Congress returns to Washington they’re thinking of giving us one. Extended unemployment benefits and payroll tax cuts are on the table again. But check out how they might pay for that. Congress could eliminate Saturday mail delivery, cut federal employee benefits, cut healthcare spending, […]

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