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Full Report Back from Occupy Peace!

UFPJ’s OCCUPY PEACE SUMMIT February 24-26, 2012 Nearly 100 activists from a wide range of local and national peace organizations attended UFPJ’s OCCUPY PEACE SUMMIT, February 24-26, 2012 in Philadelphia. They brought energy, compassion and commitment to the work of assessing the challenges and the opportunities facing our movement. We left Philadelphia with plans for […]

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Report on UFPJ’s National Conference from Duncan McFarland

By Duncan McFarland UFPJ held its first national conference in over three years in Philadelphia on Feb. 25-26, 2012.   The working conference was well attended, with 80 people representing/members of about 25 organizations.  The basic goal was accomplished: re-energize the network and begin to again take up coalition work.  UFPJ’s charge, as clearly put by national […]

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Vigil to stop a war on Iran: Friday, February 24, 7 pm at Love Park

United for Peace & Justice PROTEST U.S. DOUBLE STANDARDS: END U.S. NUCLEAR MISSILE TESTS! NO WAR ON IRAN! MOVE THE MONEY FROM THE PENTAGON TO THE PEOPLE Vigil: Friday, February 24, 7 pm at Love Park in Philadelphia 15th and JFK on the NW corner at City Hall one block north of Market Street on […]

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NYC Halloween Parade

Meeting Goals: UFPJ Occupy Peace Meeting in Philadelphia, February 24-26

Register      GOALS       AGENDA        TRANSPORTATION          ACCOMMODATIONS      HOMESTAYS UFPJ has identified that it is not interested in creating a series of workshops, speakers’ panels, etc. that are often typical of activist conferences. The methodology for the facilitation will focus on horizontal participation with an emphasis on “wisdom […]

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Homestays and Hotels: UFPJ Occupy Peace Conference, Feb 24-26 Philadelphia PA

Register      GOALS       AGENDA        TRANSPORTATION          ACCOMMODATIONS      HOMESTAYS Join us In Philadelphia PA, February 24-26  Member groups of United For Peace and Justice are gathering with members of Occupy Philly and activists across the spectrum of social and economic struggles to discuss charting a course of a […]

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