Stop Endless War

By 2016 it was painfully obvious that the United States had slipped into an endless war and that we would need to work harder than ever to build a resistance to it. Following the Bush Administration’s broad and costly wars and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama led with a greater number of drone bombings and special forces type raids, but put less “boots on the ground.” The consequence of the United States’ increasing militarism in a new type of war, one which knows no borders and often has no decipherable beginning or end, have been largely hidden from the public eye. Unfortunately, one of the absolute worst legacies to be handed down to Donald Trump by the Obama Administration was his Administration’s mutation of the Global War on Terror. Without a declaration from Congress and without the consent of the American people, the United States military continues active fighting in at least seven countries that we know of. Our military also continues to aid, arm, provide training, intelligence and military strategy to a long list of countries, several of which commit extreme human rights violations and some of which even have been found providing support to those who have carried out attacks against the United States. After 16 years of the “Global War on Terror” has shown, you can’t bomb out terrorism- there is no military solution. Militarism is what feeds and breeds terrorism and over time we have seen violent acts committed in the most terrible ways against unexpecting and undeserving people. If we want to get serious about ending terrorism, we must first take aim at ending our own. Our fight must not be against the other people of the world. It must be against what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in 1967, diagnosed as a “triple prong sickness” of our own society: racism. economic exploitation and militarism. We must work to undo these three evils that keep our world in a perpetual state of fear and insecurity. In the past, some of our strengths have included our ability to lead mass mobilizations and our connections to victims of militarism. We’ll continue to organize our national coalition to serve its main purpose, uniting organizations and individuals to take bold action to stop these wars abroad. Only then can we redirect the resources otherwise wasted on killing toward repairing communities and building a culture of peace to secure our future.

Countries the USA is currently bombing

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • Syria
  • Yemen
  • Somalia

Other major conflicts involving the USA

  • Libya
  • NATO
  • Palestine
  • Ukraine
  • North Korea

Countries occupied by USA military bases