On the Iran Deal

Since the beginning of the Bush Administration’s push for war and occupation in the Middle-East, many ideologues have beaten a drum for aggression toward Iran, which has posed no immediate danger to the United States. For over a decade, we have been able to avoid this bloody call, but at every opportunity, hawks have tried to make a case. Most recently, the negotiations that have led to the “Iran deal” have again gotten some politicians and interest groups saber-rattling.

UFPJ is supporting the Iran deal as a success of diplomacy and an alternative to militarism. Our campaign has included public education, advocacy, and political action. We only have a short amount of time to save this deal- if we don’t, there won’t be a second chance. That’s why we are so urgently asking for your help.

Here are a list of resources and actions you can take to help us win with diplomacy:

  • Sign our multi-organizational petition to Congress to support the Iran deal.
  • Listen to and share the audio from our recent National Conference Call on the Iran Deal with Phyllis Bennis, Tyler Cullis, and Lara Friedman.
  • Check out our new resources page about the Iran deal. Our legislative action team has worked to provide a list of articles to help others understand the rest of the process and why urgent action is needed.
  • Call or write your Congressional Representatives and Senators letting them know that you strongly support this agreement with Iran and believe that it is in the security interest of the United States and the entire Middle East. For Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121.
  • Plan an event at the local office of your Congressional Representative or Senator or find an event near you. They are back home this month. Set up appointments at local offices, deliver letters or petitions, or conduct a vigil with a few friends.
  • Be advised that Wednesday August 26 will be a National Day of Action at Congressional offices, sponsored by a coalition of national groups.

Below are some past links and resources that we have gathered on supporting peace with Iran.
A Collection of Articles About the Possibility of War with Iran

Other Actions From Member Groups

Fact Sheets


Iran in the Crosshairs: How to Prevent Washington’s Next War, a Primer by Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies – Though written in 2008, this document is still extremely relevant and provides a lot of good background information on U.S. foreign policy towards Iran, as well as providing facts about Iran’s nuclear capability and the role of Israel.

Other Networks

Network of Iranian Labor Units: NILU is an independent labor organization involved in several unionization drives in Iran. In addition, we are dedicated to providing assistance to Iran’s fledging trade union movement with expertise, resources, information, and international trade union support. This is done through our website

FCNL’s Iran page:  To keep up to date with what initiatives in Congress on war with Iran