Sad Anniversary. 16 Years in Afghanistan; Tell Trump to Get Us Out!

Afghanistan – The Forgotten War

Watching the PBS series on Vietnam is a graphic reminder of the horrors of war.  Unfortunately, one of the few things the U.S. government learned from Vietnam was how to hide the horrors of the Afghanistan war from public view as much as possible, to prevent the backlash received during the Vietnam war.  No body counts, no reporters roaming free, only embedded journalists, minimal media coverage with little footage of the actual war, and no pictures of coffins returning home.  

The Trump Administration has decided to continue to support the war in Afghanistan, only with more troops and no stated end game.  As this war completes its 16th year, on October 7, more troops are on their way to Afghanistan.  The suffering of our troops, their families and the Afghan people will continue.   

Afghanistan is the forgotten war,  even though it is currently our largest military foreign engagement, with 16,000+ troops and tens of thousands of U.S. defense and agency contractors.  

The only people who benefit from this war are the military contractors and the corrupt Afghan government consisting of many drug and war lords, guilty of human rights abuses and war crimes.  The Afghan government controls, protects, and benefits from the enormous poppy crop that supplies over 90% of the world’s heroin.   SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction) reports that reconstruction in Afghanistan is nearly nonexistent after spending $100 billion.  

The Afghanistan government, which the U.S. has propped up with billions of dollars and American lives remains overwhelmingly corrupt, a government the Afghan people will never accept.  

In the meantime, the Taliban has grown in numbers and holds more territory than ever before, 40-50% of the country.   

The human costs of war for our troops, the Afghan forces, as well as civilians has been enormous.  Death, injuries and nearly a trillion dollars have been wasted for no redeemable benefit.  Yet instead of pursuing peace, our government continues to opt for more war.   

Americans need to take a stand against the Afghanistan war.  We need to reflect on what it is that we believe – ask yourself two basic questions:

How, as Americans, do we continually accept sending young men and women to risk their lives for a futile, never ending war?

What would you say to a mother who loses her son or daughter in Afghanistan?  Can you explain what her child actually died for?  What was the noble cause?

It’s up to everyone one of us, who are uncomfortable with the answers to these questions, to demand an end to the Afghanistan War.   

To: President Donald Trump 
From:  [Your Name Here]

President Trump,

With violence and death all around us, it is time for a change. The endless war that has followed the 9/11 attacks on the United States is not working.

Why should lives continue to be placed in harm’s way for a war that has no military solution? Diplomacy that promotes racial and economic justice, and the dignity of all, not military action, is the only way to bring peace to our world.

Further military action and vast supplies of weapons of war including assault weapons will only leave the U.S. and the world subject to more violence.

We sent this very same message to President Barack Obama when he ordered a troop increase-- another failed policy.

The American people seek peace and demand a secure future. Bring all U.S. troops home from Afghanistan before you leave office.


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