Present & Accounted for On Day One of Trump Madness

We’re just back from an inspiring weekend and we have no intention of slowing down. United for Peace & Justice had a very productive and motivating four days in Washington DC, January 19-22.   Here’s just some of what happened: UFPJ Co-Chair, Jackie Cabasso, spoke at the Antiwar/Antinuke rally on Thursday in Franklin Square Park.  Matt De Vlieger, UFPJ’s organizing coordinator, spoke on Friday at the Occupy Inauguration rally. We also marched with Disrupt J20 as many of the different contingents and blockades met at McPhearson Square Park for the Festival of Resistance.  To top it off, we were fully engaged in the historic Women’s March on Washington, the largest march ever seen in DC, with millions more in the streets in sister marches throughout the U.S. and the world.  It was a totally nonviolent march of great diversity, expressing that love not hate will make America great.  We distributed nearly 1,400 Peace Pledge/“Stop Endless War” signs, 400 “Fund Human Needs, Not War” signs and thousands of stickers to those who marched in resistance to Trump’s destructive agenda.  Jackie and Matt also spoke with many amazing UFPJ allies and alumni at the Challenging Trumpism, Wars and Militarism mini-conference. We’ve already raised half of our costs from individual activists and we’re looking to break even– if you support these efforts, please donate $20 today to help us keep it up!

We Are United.  We Are Not Going Backwards. We Are Ready to Resist!

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