August is “Nuclear-Free Future Month”

august nuclear free future monthOn August 6 and 9, the 71st anniversaries of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we encourage you to highlight the growing dangers of wars among nuclear-armed states and the imperative of nuclear disarmament as you commemorate those horrific events. This year we are joining UNFOLD ZERO and partners around the world in promoting Chain Reaction 2016, global actions for nuclear disarmament, July 8 – October 2, a period spanning a number of key anniversaries and international commemorative days. chain reactionChain Reaction encourages all sorts of creative nonviolent events and actions to protest nuclear weapons activities or to celebrate nuclear disarmament initiatives. This might include protest activities at nuclear weapons facilities, corporations that make nuclear weapons or banks that invest in them, or celebrations in cities that have declared themselves nuclear-free. Regular nuclear disarmament actions can be incorporated in Chain Reaction: vigils, petitions, film screenings, seminars, exhibitions, tree-plantings, commemorations of peace days, demonstrations and other nonviolent actions. Visit Chain Reaction 2016 for ideas and to find out when and where activities are being planned.

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