PETITION: “Real Progressives Talk About Militarism, And Military War Spending!”

Please forward this alert to your contacts, share on social media, and bring it up at your meetings! Ask them to sign the petition: “REAL PROGRESSIVES TALK ABOUT MILITARISM, WAR AND MILITARY SPENDING!” USLAW launched a petition to help progressives like Bernie Sanders to recover their voices about our failed militarized foreign policy, resulting wars and runaway military spending. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and most other self-identified progressives are right to focus attention on the economic crisis that exists for tens of millions of Americans. Poverty, hunger, unemployment, climate crisis, student debt, homelessness, education, healthcare, crumbling infrastructure and the growing gulf between the privileged elite and the rest of society deserve the attention they give these critical issues. But solutions to these conditions will be unachievable so long as the resources they require are poured into the bloated, wasteful fraud-riven Pentagon budget, and from there into the pockets of military contractors.
Early on Bernie Sanders spoke passionately about his opposition to the illegal invasion of Iraqand escalating the war in Afghanistan. He has in the past condemned runaway military spendingand advocated for the interests of veterans whose needs were not met after returning from combat. Yet you will not find these issues addressed on his official senatorial or campaignwebsites. They are absent from his standard stump speech. Sanders’ supporters who understand the connection between militarism and economic crisis need to press these progressives politicians about their glaring silence on these matters of life and death.
Bernie Sanders will not reach the full potential of his campaign by remaining silent on these critical life and death issues.

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