Member Groups: Tell Us About Your March 19 Events

March 19 marks the 12th anniversary of “Shock and Awe,” the US-led attack on Iraq that kicked off the “global war on terror.”

We encourage our member groups to commemorate this date with local candlelight vigils, demonstrations, direct actions, and discussions about the cost of war to our families and communities.

Click here to let us know how your group is planning to commemorate “Shock and Awe.”

UFPJ has also endorsed the Spring Rising Anti-War Intervention in Washington, DC March 18 – 21. We encourage those in the DC area to participate.

The US-led “global war on terror” never ended and today, the stakes are getting even higher. In Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria, it has brought death, displacement and chaos and resulted in the rise of a new terrorist group, ISIS.  Military actions have expanded with the attack and destruction of Libya by NATO in 2011, and continue with regular drone strikes in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. Guantanamo is still not closed. In Africa, ethnic terror attacks have led to massive bloodshed, with little media attention compared to attacks against Europeans, and there are millions of refugees and internally displaced persons with urgent needs for humanitarian support across the Middle East.

War benefits the arms makers, military brass, energy cartels, war lords, drug lords and opportunistic and corrupt politicians everywhere, but leads only to misery, destruction, dislocation and death for the majority of ordinary people.

On February 15, UFPJ issued a call, “Time for the Global Superpower for Peace and Justice to Rise Again!”

  • We Say NO to Global Wars!

  • We Say NO to Militarizing Our Communities!

  • We Say No to War on the Planet!

  • We say YES It’s Time to Rise Again!

It’s time for the global superpower for peace and justice to rise again. When we started planning this campaign, we could not imagine that today we would be in a situation where the President is asking Congress for a blank check to wage war in Syria – so parallel to the situation we confronted in 2003 with respect to Iraq. At the same time, the conflict between Russia and the U.S./NATO over the Ukraine has brought into focus the ever-present danger of nuclear war and the urgent need for progress on the abolition of nuclear weapons.

February 15 kicked off a series of coordinated actions that will culminate in the Peace and Planet Mobilization for a Nuclear-Free, Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World in New York City on the eve of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference, April 24-26.

Click here to let us know how your group is planning to commemorate “Shock and Awe.”

All we are saying, is give peace a chance! If you appreciate receiving timely action alerts like this, please make a donation to UFPJ so that we can continue to keep our member groups and dedicated activists linked together for effective action and impact!

— Jackie Cabasso and Terry Rockefeller,

National Co-Conveners, on behalf of the UFPJ Coordinating Committee

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2 Responses to “Member Groups: Tell Us About Your March 19 Events”

  1. November 23, 2015 at 11:02 am #

    I felt the same wandering aronud BKK late at night in my Peace Corps days. As a monk, the USA looked more scarey and there were far fewer smiles.As long as the US govt can lean on other countries, like it will be doing to Brazil, the travel warnings will be unlikely except when the likes of Russia wish to score points.


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