The rage of Benjamin Netanyahu is beginning to become a bore. And his supporters, particularly in the United States, are carving a new standard in well-to-do, over-educated, arrogant ignorance.  These people want the United States to go to war with Iran today, or tomorrow, or maybe we should have yesterday.  Soon is not soon enough. The unleashing of a nuclear disaster upon an already fragile world is nothing to their paranoid and delusional sense of victimhood. In his single-minded demand for President Obama to launch a bunker buster attack on Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities, Netanyahu’s mad rant exhibits a willful disinterest in the fate of the world – including his own country. Eschewing the policy of containment that for fifty years kept the U.S.A. and Russia from blowing up the world, he further refuses to notice how that same policy has stalemated aggression between India and Pakistan.  While he appears hyper-sensitive to Iranian bombast, he fails to recognize it for what it is:  the railing of a leader with a more pressing problem than Israel, that being his own country’s latent quest for democracy.  He also chooses to forget other nuclear trash talkers, from Nikita Khruschev to Kim Il-Jong. Netanyahu intrudes himself upon American politics at a time when President faces re-election.  He is looking for U.S. candidates to sweat the loss of AIPAC dollars and the murderous desperation of American corporations.  Our own right-wing lunatics think nothing of emptying our Treasury on non-stop, disposable military spending and never ending war.  Like Mr. Netanyahu, they are unconcerned with human life. While the West Coast cleans up shore debris and registers radiation in the air from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Israel’s leader is blithely prepared to blow apart a mountain full of enriched uranium.  What direction does this man think the winds blow? Long years have passed since even the dullest among us realized that there’s no such thing as a limited nuclear war.  Whether perpetrated by direct nuclear attack or an ill-conceived conventional strike on an atomic facility, the effect will be the same.  There will be no winners. By Walt Nygard.  I am a writer, artist, former Corporal, U.S.M.C., VP Chapter 21, Veterans For Peace and a member of VFP’s Iran Working Group.

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