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Talking Points: Potential consequences – The Day Of U.S. Military Strike on Syria (Why Not Attack)

Military strike would be illegal – UN Charter allows military force only if immediate self-defense (Art 51), not applicable, the U.S. not attacked by Syria; or if Security Council agrees (Chapter VII, Art 42) – not going to happen – Russian veto, probably Chinese, maybe even Britain.  Might not even get 9 positive votes.  “Kosovo precedent” still illegal […]

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New Priorities Network: How do we pay for unemployment insurance and payroll tax cuts?

Media alert #1 – 1/18/2012: We need a break, and as Congress returns to Washington they’re thinking of giving us one. Extended unemployment benefits and payroll tax cuts are on the table again. But check out how they might pay for that. Congress could eliminate Saturday mail delivery, cut federal employee benefits, cut healthcare spending, […]

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