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Continuing to Build the Dream

  Please join United for Peace and Justice in commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington on August 24th in our nation’s capital. We need a strong peace and anti-war contingent to speak to the injustices faced by marchers in 1963, and those still endured today. We will echo King’s words about the inextricable […]

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Follow this link to sign the petition. TO: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS We urge you to reject any military intervention in Syria, including arming the rebels or creating a no-fly zone, and instead to focus on increasing humanitarian assistance through the United Nations and building active multi-lateral diplomacy without preconditions with all […]

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Urgent We Need Your Help: E-mail and Web Communications Rates are Doubling

Recent events have shown how vitally important it is for peace and justice activists and organizations to be informed and connected.  Escalating violence in Syria, the hunger strike at Guantanamo, attacks on our privacy and civil liberties – UFPJ has been able to bring you information about these unfolding events and about the work of […]

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August 24th Carry a Banner for Peace: 50th Anniversary March on Washington

Jobs Justice Freedom 50th Anniversary March on Washington I Have A Dream On August 24th peace and anti-war activist are gathering in DC to remember the historic March on Washington 50 years ago and to give voice to calls to end the plague of war, the injustice of economic, racial and social inequality and the […]

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Listen to the June 26th Phone Panel Discussion: Crisis in Syria: What’s Happening Now and What Next?

  The war in Syria is worsening and President Obama has pledged to help arm the opposition to President Assad. At this point even though the vast majority of U.S. citizens do not want to intervene, President Obama has promised small arms. But war-hawks want to go further and try to create a no fly […]

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Celebrating the Life and Work of Charley Richardson: Co-Founder MFSO

A life celebration for Charley Richardson, co-founder of Military Families Speak Out will be held this Saturday in Boston. Charley died May 4, 2013. UFPJ salutes Charley Richardson and his work for peace and justice.  Below is a statement from MFSO. Military Families Speak Out is deeply saddened by the death of co-founder Charley Richardson, who […]

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Jobs-Not -Wars organizers are moving to the streets to take action.

We are excited about the success of the Jobs Not Wars petition in bringing together the voices of tens of thousands of people to ensure Congress and the President heard our call for a redirection of our nation’s resources from war and Pentagon spending to fund job creation and the health and well-being of communities. To see […]

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United for Peace and Justice 2013 Priorities

 Support UFPJ work: Donate today! I.             Strengthening our network: To strengthen our network, UFPJ must increase it fundraising and outreach efforts. UFPJ will contact our member groups to reaffirm their affiliation, strengthen bonds and create renewed interests in the network. We will especially look for opportunities to connect Peace Centers we know exist in many […]

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Ten years later the U.S. is still at war and UFPJ is still needed!

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Ten years ago the peace and anti-war movements warned the leaders of the global community that war was not the answer, and that war once unleashed would bring only destruction and death. United for Peace and Justice finds no pleasure in being right […]

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Sign the Jobs Not Wars Petition!

On Election Day, the American people voted and made their voices heard. We rejected deficit reduction at the expense of working & middle class Americans, the poor & elderly. We rejected more tax breaks for large corporations and the wealthy. Corporations and the wealthy have “raked in” all the benefits while everyone else has suffered […]

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