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If this Election Made You Sick, the Peace Pledge is Your Cure

Today we are confronted with a new reality. And we cannot sit back. When we launched the Peace Pledge, we recognized that whichever pro-war candidate was elected, we would need to rebuild a strong movement for peace and justice, for the long term. The Peace Pledge campaign was designed to carry social movement organizing through […]

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Follow this link to sign the petition. TO: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS We urge you to reject any military intervention in Syria, including arming the rebels or creating a no-fly zone, and instead to focus on increasing humanitarian assistance through the United Nations and building active multi-lateral diplomacy without preconditions with all […]

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Global Day of Action on Military Spending

This April 15th join millions of people around the world to focus public, political, and media attention on the waste, fraud and abuse of military spending and the need for new spending priorities. Carved into the stone of the IRS building is the Oliver Wendell Holmes quote, “Taxes are the price we pay for a […]

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Sign the Jobs Not Wars Petition and Join the June 21st-July 3rd actions

We need your help. Become a part of this movement to Rebuild our Country – Move our Tax Dollars from the Pentagon to Job Creation and Human Needs. We need a new set of priorities that place the needs of the people ahead of the profits of the privileged. Peace and Justice Groups, Military Families, […]

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