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Stop Funding War Business As Usual! CALL-IN TODAY 202-224-3121

Voting on 2014 Defense Appropriations Bill may come as early as Tuesday afternoon STOP FUNDING WAR BUSINESS AS USUAL! Call your Representative! Time to stop favoring the Pentagon over urgent human needs at home. Ask Them to Vote NO! on HR 2397. Call 202 224 3121 (Capitol Switchboard) and ask for your Rep. To Find Out your Rep : http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ […]

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HR 2937 FY 2014 Defense Appropriations Bill ($598.1 billion) will come to the floor the beginning of next week

July 17, 2013 The word is that HR 2937 FY 2014 Defense Appropriations Bill ($598.1 billion) will come to the floor the beginning of next week. As of yesterday, 155 amendments to the bill have been submitted. For the list : http://rules.house.gov/bill/hr-2397 Some of these amendments are for items most of us support: blocking US […]

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Jobs-Not -Wars organizers are moving to the streets to take action.

We are excited about the success of the Jobs Not Wars petition in bringing together the voices of tens of thousands of people to ensure Congress and the President heard our call for a redirection of our nation’s resources from war and Pentagon spending to fund job creation and the health and well-being of communities. To see […]

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United for Peace and Justice 2013 Priorities

 Support UFPJ work: Donate today! I.             Strengthening our network: To strengthen our network, UFPJ must increase it fundraising and outreach efforts. UFPJ will contact our member groups to reaffirm their affiliation, strengthen bonds and create renewed interests in the network. We will especially look for opportunities to connect Peace Centers we know exist in many […]

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Sign the Jobs Not Wars Petition and Join the June 21st-July 3rd actions

We need your help. Become a part of this movement to Rebuild our Country – Move our Tax Dollars from the Pentagon to Job Creation and Human Needs. We need a new set of priorities that place the needs of the people ahead of the profits of the privileged. Peace and Justice Groups, Military Families, […]

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Sign the Jobs Not Wars Petition!

On Election Day, the American people voted and made their voices heard. We rejected deficit reduction at the expense of working & middle class Americans, the poor & elderly. We rejected more tax breaks for large corporations and the wealthy. Corporations and the wealthy have “raked in” all the benefits while everyone else has suffered […]

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Unchecked Pentagon Spending Threatens Our National Security

Statement from United for Peace and Justice on the FY2013 Pentagon House Appropriations House of Representatives Should Vote: “YES” for Jobs Program, Federal Aid to States and Vital Social Services! “NO” on current proposed FY 2013 Pentagon Budget! Congress is poised once again to sacrifice domestic security in the service of unnecessary wars and the […]

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A Thank You from the Legislative Working Group

Last week for the first time, the majority of Democrats voted in favor of the Lee Amendment limiting funding for the Afghanistan War to the safe and orderly withdrawal of US troops and security contractors. (101 ayes, 79 Noes). This represents a sea-change of opinion from the time that Rep. Barbara Lee stood alone among her House colleagues […]

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Confronting Corporate Power: Bank of America

Converge for Justice Occupy Wall Street, South Break Up BOA’s Business as Usual! May 6-9, Charlotte, NC On May 6-9 people from across the country and world will be converging in Charlotte, NC, home of Bank of America’s Headquarters and their annual Shareholder meeting, to demand an end to their practices that are bankrupting our […]

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Direct Action: The 99% Takeover of the Wells Fargo Annual General Meeting

  Tuesday, April 24th at 10am
Meet at Justin Herman Plaza
Mass sit-in and rally March to Shareholder Meeting at Merchants Exchange Building 465 California St., SF

 Wells Fargo has hurt millions of people around the country with their bad practices. Almost every section of our communities have been impacted by this bank and there are so […]

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