Syria Action News Clippings

YOU ACTED and the Press covered it, locally and nationally!  Here is a small sample of the kind of stories we saw from around the country.  Got one that we missed…THERE ARE PLENTY?  Post it to our Facebook Page. NATIONAL Anti-Syria protests greet a returning Congress MSNBC Syria protests occur in U.S. cities Al Jazeera America (Photo & Video) Syria Protests In NYC, DC Oppose Military Action Huffington Post Looming Syria vote prompts protests Politico Syria situation brings protests, preparations Washington Post Obama’s call for Syria strike draws protests at home CBS News

Protests in NYC, DC Oppose Syria Action ABC News

Syria strike talk sparks rallies, protests USA Today 

PHOTOS: Scenes From Demonstrations Around the World 

Protests Grow As US Prepares to Strike Syria Voice of America

Some US Troops Appear To Be Posting Photos In Protest Of Syrian Intervention  


ARIZONA Arrests made during Syria protest in Tempe  


Looming Syria vote prompts many protests ABC Local (Video) Protesters in Hollywood oppose US intervention in Syria LA Times Protesters in San Francisco Rally For and Against Strike on Syria NBC Protesters in LA rally against proposed US airstrikes on Syria LA TIMES

Bay Area Holds Protests Over Possible Attack on Syria NBC Local



Wilmington group protests against action in Syria Delaware Online   FLORIDA Miami protest at Senator Nelson’s office slams war on Syria  Protesters make their case against military move against Syria ILLINOIS

Sidewalk protesters weigh in on Syria Chicago Tribune


Group protests military action in Syria Quad City Times


Protesters Plan Rallies Against US Intervention in Syria Boson Magazine

Syrian-Americans gather in Boston to oppose a US attack Boston Globe

Protesters Rally In Boston; Obama Seeks Congressional Approval  CBS


MICHIGAN UM Student Group Protests US Involvement In Syria CBS Local   MINNESOTA Hundreds of Minneapolis war protesters condemn US action in Syria Protesters Rally In Mpls. Against US Involvement In Syria CBS Local   NEW YORK

Hundreds Head To Times Square To Protest Military Strike In Syria


Anti-war in Syria protest held Saturday in downtown Cleveland

PENNSYLVANIA Students protest US strike on Syria USA Today Protests against Syria attack gather momentum NBC News Hillary Clinton accepts medal amid controversy, Syria protests   WASHINGTON, DC

An antiwar statement on a stop sign? No big deal, H Street  Washington Post

Red-stained hands wave in protest at US hearing on Syria Reuters WEST VIRGINIA Video and Article on First Syria Rally on WCHS-8 Video, Pictures and Article on First Syria Rally in Daily Mail Pictures and Article on First Syria Rally in Gazette Article to Publicize Vigil Day Prior to Event in Charleston Daily Mail Picture and Article in Charleston Gazette Video and Article with Pictures in Charleston Daily Mail Article on WV Public Radio Website Audio from WV Public Radio VERMONT Vermont protesters say ‘no’ to attack on Syria USA Today