Training and Trainers

American Friends Service Committee: Know Your Rights This is the English version of a new booklet  produced by AFSC staff in North Carolina and collaborators for immigrants, including rights at home, in the car, at work and in detention. Most of the information should apply to people across the U.S., but the phone numbers are NC specific. Michigan Peace TeamNonviolence Trainings Michigan Peace Team is able design nonviolence trainings for groups with a specific focus, and with the days, times and length desired by the group.  We offer basic and advanced nonviolence trainings but we also tailor the nonviolence trainings for the group’s needs. Our workshops provide participants the knowledge and skill to apply the healing and transforming power of nonviolence to situations of conflict and violence wherever they occur. Workshops are experiential and participatory in nature. Participants learn about nonviolence and empowered peacemaking through exercises and role plays facilitated by our experienced and highly qualified trainers. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation: Peace Leadership Program The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is presenting a seven-day summer workshop on peace leadership at the beautiful La Casa de Maria Retreat Center in Santa Barbara, California, from July 22-29, 2012. The NAPF Peace Leadership Summer Workshop is a seven-day intensive course on peace leadership and the skills for waging peace. Led by NAPF Peace Leadership Director Capt. Paul K. Chappell, participants will be empowered with the understanding and tools that can help them make a positive difference in their lives, communities, and the world. War Resisters League: Nonviolence Training – Nonviolent Action Preparation During this revolutionary moment, we thought it would be wise to keep our nonviolence training resources front and center. See below for a 4-5+ hour sample agenda for a nonviolent action training. Nonviolent Handbook Social change doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of the work of committed people striving for a world of justice and peace. This work gestates in groups or cells of activists, in discussions, in training sessions, in reflecting on previous experiences, in planning, in experimenting and in learning from others. Preparing ourselves for our work for social justice is key to its success. This handbook shares what people have already developed in different contexts.