UFPJ was founded to oppose the war on Iraq in 2002.  We have continued to this day to seek an end to that US instigated and backed conflict.

We see today, as we warned when we first came together in 2002 to oppose the invasion and occupation of Iraq, that the “War on Terror” has only bred more violence. Iraq’s destabilization has now spread over its borders to engulf an entire region. We continue to oppose US military intervention or strategies that include the US arming and training foreign military, paramilitary, or militia fighters. In 2015, we opposed the Obama Administration’s deployment of new troops (in addition to the more that 3,100 US troops already on the ground) and the building of a new military base in Iraq.  As part of our Spring call-to-action, UFPJ member groups hosted local rallies, teach-ins, and vigils on February 15th, to commemorate the anniversary of February 15, 2003, when UFPJ organized the largest global demonstration in history to say “No” to the invasion of Iraq. We also called on local groups to take action on March 19, the anniversary of the invasion, and promoted public discussions, teach-ins, and protests, including the National Spring Rising Anti-war Demonstration in Washington, DC.