Member Group Dues

Member organizations of UFPJ are asked to make an annual financial contribution and/or provide in-kind services on a sliding scale of $50-$1,000 or more. UFPJ recommends the following contributions:
  • Local organization with no paid staff: $50
  • Local organization with paid staff: $100
  • National organization with no paid staff: $200
  • National organization with one paid staff: $300
  • National organization with more than one paid staff: $500
We also know that times are tough for funding in the peace movement. Here are two other options for you and your organization to support UFPJ financially so that we may continue our advocacy and strengthening our network beyond 2015:
  1. Make a generous donation that reflects your group’s resources.
  2. If your group has limited funds, consider collecting a donation from each of your members to ensure that UFPJ can continue to support grassroots peace and justice organizations in 2016.
You can make your contribution here, or send a check. Please make all checks for Member Group Dues payable to  “UFPJ”: UFPJ 244 Fifth Avenue Suite D55 New York, NY 10001