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United for Peace and Justice Discussion Guidelines

Please read before posting.

Welcome! To keep UFPJ-Activist list discussions a useful resource and pleasant place for peace
and justice activists, we ask that you help us to promote a respectful atmosphere where people
feel free to share ideas, engage in a spirited, constructive debate and participate in current
discussions. Politeness and respect for others is essential here. By joining and using this
listserv, you agree that you have read and will follow the guidelines. If you have any questions or
concerns, please address them to us by email at or by phone at (917) 410-

UFPJ’s Listserv UFPJ’s Activist listserv helps keep you connected to the issues and events most
relevant to our mission. A listserv is an easy way of distributing e-mail to a large number of
people with similar interests. Individual members of the list send their messages to the listserv
address and the message is then automatically distributed to all list members. UFPJ’s Activist
listserv has approximately 348 member subscribers. To join or to unsubscribe:

Discussion Guidelines

This list is maintained by United for Peace and Justice, a network of organizations. One of the main functions of this list has been to provide a venue for UFPJ organizations to share
information about their work, with an eye to improving cooperation and identifying opportunities
for organizations to work together on issues and projects. It also provides a place for UFPJ
organizations to inform participants in the network about their events, publications, and the like.
Another function many find useful is circulation of articles about issues within UFPJ’s areas of

Because there are people who want to work on issues of concern to United for Peace and Justice
but who may not have an opportunity for one or another reason to affiliate with UFPJ
organizations, this list has been open to individuals, not just members or representatives of
UFPJ organizations. Participants nonetheless should keep in mind the purposes this list serves,
and how their participation in it is related to United for Peace and Justice and to efforts to
advance our work together.

We have found that when subscribers adhere to the following guidelines we are able to keep the list useful for people, without it becoming overwhelming. Please read these over before posting or replying to the list.

There should be a descriptive subject line written by the person starting the thread and contained in the opening post of thread. Keep your messages relevant to the subject of the thread to which you are responding.

Any counter-arguments to statements already made should state the point on which there is
disagreement and the reason(s) why a different view is held.

Unless an item is especially urgent, please try to limit postings to a maximum of two a day and not more than 5 or 6 over the course of a week. An exception to this policy is for
individuals who are posting informative articles, which are relevant to the group.

Intentional insults and personal criticism directed at an individual (often referred to as “flaming”) will not be tolerated. Rebuttals to another person’s opinions or beliefs should
always be made in a respectful and thoughtful manner, whether they are made publicly or
privately. The purpose of this list-serve is to communicate information and the respectful
exchange of ideas.

When posting on relevant topics, remember to ensure that the topic is presented in a
manner that makes all of our membership welcome to participate. Keep your comments
limited to the discussion at hand and be aware of the diversity in age, race, gender and
perspectives, of the participants on this list. There will be varying opinions on different subjects,
which will be useful to everyone. We are all drawn to UFPJ’s Activist discussion Listserv
because we have common interests as peace and justice activists.

“Spamming” is a network term invented to describe the act of cross-posting the same message to
as many newsgroups and/or mailing lists as possible, whether or not the message is germane to
the stated topic of the newsgroups or mailing lists that are being targeted. Spamming by list
members is unacceptable. All messages sent to the UFPJ activist list should be addressed only
to that list, and not forwarded or cross-posted. Address blocks should not include other lists or
individual e-mail addresses, aside from the individual whose post is replied to.

If you wish to reply to a message that has been posted to the list, please be aware of where your reply is going before sending it. Remember that when you hit the reply button that you will be automatically responding to the entire list. Only reply to the entire list if your comments are directed to it and it benefits everyone.

The UFPJ Activist list is self-moderated but is followed by the UFPJ Coordinating
Committee. If there is a violation of the above guidelines, a 3-day ban to “cool off” and a
warning will be issued to the member. After three such bans, the UFPJ Coordinating Committee
may decide to remove a violator from the list permanently.