Coordinating Committee

UFPJ was founded in 2003 to prevent the War on Iraq, but the conflicts raging around the world today tell us that the need to work for peace is more important than ever. That is why UFPJ has reorganized as a network and has added new members to our Coordinating Committee. United for Peace and Justice operates with an all-volunteer Coordinating Committee and one part-time contractor to assist with online work and organizing. They meet weekly to deal with the ongoing affairs of the network. It is made up of the 2 national co-conveners and the coordinators of each working groups.

Coordinating Committee Member Bios

Mary Hladky Military Families Speak Out Kansas City, Missouri My son is an Army Infantry Officer. Ryan served in Zahri District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan for 13 months at the height of President Obama’s surge. His company was sent right into the heart of the fight. He is currently serving in the Missouri National Guard, Infantry. I have had a full and demanding marketing career at Nestle’s, Renaissance Hotels & Resorts, and Third Federal Savings & Loan. I have successfully run my own two small businesses, Anesthesia Advantage and Yesterday’s Best. The only reason my past work history is important, is that I can now apply those skills to the much more important work I do today. In my semi-retirement years, I now choose to focus the bulk of my time to the serious and complex issues facing our country and world. I am dedicated to a world without war, and to the work of peace & justice here at home and abroad. I work at both the national and local level through Military Families Speak Out, United for Peace & Justice and American Friends Service Committee which has a local office in Kansas City, MO. I began my work with United for Peace & Justice in 2010 as a member of the Afghanistan Working Group. I have been a member of the Administrative Committee for approximately three years, since 2012.
Michael Eisenscher U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) Oakland, California Veteran of more than fifty years in the labor, civil rights, peace and social justice movement. Co-founder and National Coordinator (now Emeritus) of USLAW since 2004. Born in Milwaukee. Organized first union at age 18 for part time student employees of Univ. of WI-Madison. Anti-Vietnam War activist and draft resister. UE organizer for 12 years in Boston, Dayton, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. Returned to college for BA at SF State University in 1991; MA in Public Policy and ABD in doctoral program in Public Policy from Univ. of MA-Boston. Labor educator: instructor in political economy in Labor Studies Program at Laney College in Oakland. Working to connect labor, peace, racial justice and environmental movements in common struggle for just transition to a sustainable, equitable and demilitarized new economy. “Decarbonize! Denuclearize! Demilitarize!”
Thea Paneth United for Justice with Peace Arlington, Massachusetts Thea Paneth is a member of Arlington United for Justice with Peace, a community peace group that she helped to organize in March of 2002. She was a “rank and file clam,” spending twelve days detained in New Hampshire after occupying the Seabrook nuclear power plant site in 1977. Her writing on peace issues spans nearly thirty years and has been published in the Arlington Advocate, at Common Dreams and Truthout, in Peacework, and in What Will It take to Prevent Nuclear War? Grassroots Responses to Our Most Challenging Question as well as many letters to the editor (Advocate, Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, and New York Times). She is a parent, pacifist, painter and a non-violence trainer.
Lisa Fithian Alliance of Community Trainers Austin, Texas Lisa has been working for peace and justice since the mid 1970’s. She has organized against numerous US wars and unjust domestic and foreign policies rooted in racism. Lisa has focused on strategic nonviolent direct action as her primary strategy for change. Her training and organizing work has supported many a movement over the years. She has worked with United for Peace and Justice since the beginning and served as the first National Co-Chair with Bob Wing from War Times. Lisa has continued to play a leadership role over these years insuring that UFPJ continues to be a force for peace in our movements and world. Expanded Bio:
Jackie Cabasso (Co-convener) Western States Legal Foundation Oakland, California For more than 30 years, Jackie has been an advocate and organizer for nuclear disarmament, non-violence, and environmental protection. Her work encompasses local grassroots organizing and activism, including nonviolent direct action; advocacy, organizing and networking at the national and international levels; and research and analysis published in numerous articles and books. Since 1984 she has served as Executive Director of Western States Legal Foundation (WSLF). In 1995, Jackie was a founder of the Abolition 2000 Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons, which then and now calls for commencement of negotiations on a treaty to abolish nuclear arms. Since 2007, she has been North American coordinator for Mayors for Peace. In that role she has catalyzed the adoption of resolutions by the U.S. Conference of Mayors calling for an end to U.S. spending on modernization of nuclear arms and redirection of military spending to fund human needs. Immediately following the 9/11 attacks, Jackie co-founded the Peoples Nonviolent Response Coalition, which brought together local groups working on different issues around the core value of nonviolence. In 2003, Jackie established UFPJ’s Nuclear Disarmament/Redefining Security working group, which addresses nuclear disarmament in the context of demilitarization, war prevention, and justice. She has served as UFPJ National Co-convener since 2013. Jackie received the International Peace Bureau’s 2008 Sean MacBride Peace Award, and the Agape Foundation’s 2009 Enduring Visionary Prize. In 2014, she and WSLF were awarded the United Nations Association – East Bay Global Citizen Award for Effective Contributions to Peace and Human Security.
Terry Rockefeller (Co-convener) September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows Boston, Massachusetts Terry‘s sister, Laura Rockefeller, was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Since 2002, she has worked with Peaceful Tomorrows to oppose war in response to 9/11, to protest the lack of due process in the military tribunals responsible for trying those accused of the terrorist attacks, and to close Guantanamo. She currently serves on the board of directors of Amnesty International – USA, and as National Co-convener of United for Peace and Justice. She also works with the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative [] a collaboration between Iraqi and international NGOs to support human rights, women’s rights, democracy, dignity, and anti-corruption activism in Iraq. Terry has worked for more than 30 years as a documentary film producer; among her credits are episodes of Eyes on the Prize, a history of the civil rights and black power movements and NOVA the PBS science series.
Mary Compton US Peace Council Hamden, Connectecuit Mary Compton lives in Hamden, Connecticut. She is co-chair of the Greater New Haven Peace Council, a local chapter of the US Peace Council. She attended her first candlelight vigil in opposition to the Iraq War in November 2004 and became interested in the causes of the war and the role of US imperialist policies and began attending Peace Council meetings. Since then, she has participated in local vigils against the non-stop wars. From 2005-2008, she collaborated with NO NUKES NO WAR on local actions for nuclear abolition and has co-coordinated the silent vigils in New Haven for Commemorations for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan for several years. This year on the 70th Commemoration of August 6, Hiroshima Day, she organized a poetry and candlelight vigil for Hiroshima to bring awareness to the community on the abolition of nuclear weapons. With a dedicated core of Peace Council members she has created children and youth activities with a focus on peace activism for the annual Peabody Museum’s Martin Luther King EcoJustice Fair in New Haven.
Lee Siu Hin National Immigrant Solidarity Network, Action LA Network Los Angeles, California Lee Siu Hin is the national coordinator of National Immigrant Solidarity Network and Action LA Network. A long-time Pacifica radio reporter active in peace, labor, immigrant rights, community and international issues. Currently working between US and China for a bi-national activist solidarity work, and mobile medical project for the global south. Website:
Sally Weiss Progressive Democrats of America Northampton, Massachusetts I have been on the planning team of the PDA End War and Occupation planning team for seven years.  I joined the Out of Afghanistan working group of UFPJ  that morphed into the Jobs Not Wars campaign which delivered a petition to key members of Congress.  Now I am on the UFPJ Coordinating Committee.  I join the weekly Syria Discussion group. Locally I am an active member of the Northampton (MA) Committee to Stop the Wars. My special interest is to see local and national activists broaden our outreach to faith groups and to Black Lives Matter.