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Jackie Cabasso of UFPJ speaks at Press Conference with Code Pink and Congress Woman Barbara Lee's office

UFPJ Opposes New Request for Authorization for Use of Military Force

On February 17, 2015, Code Pink organized a press conference at the Oakland, California Federal Building, calling for opposition to a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force and the end to endless war in the Middle East and beyond. Speakers included WSLF executive director Jackie Cabasso, who also spoke on behalf of United […]

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Challenges for the Peace Movement: Update on US policy towards Iran and ISIS

On January 14, 2015, UFPJ, with PDA, hosted a national briefing call, addressing Challenges for the Peace Movement: Update on US policy towards Iran and ISIS. Jamal Abdi (National Iranian American Council) gave us an update on the Iranian negotiations and Raed Jarrar (American Friends Service Committee explained the bitter and largely misunderstood situation on […]

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No Bombing, No War!

Once again the American people have been summoned to wage war against a dangerous “terrorist” adversary –this time it’s the Islamic State (ISIL). Again, we are told this enemy is uniquely evil and that U.S. military force is the only solution. And while the Obama Administration promises to avoid ground combat, the calls for more […]

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“DON’T GO BACK TO IRAQ” by Phyllis Bennis by Phyllis Bennis This is how wars begin. Barack Obama says we’re not going back to Iraq. “American forces will not be returning to combat in Iraq,” he said on June 19th, “but we will help Iraqis as they take the fight to terrorists who threaten the Iraqi people, the region, and American interests […]

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Action Alert: 3 Things You Can Do to Oppose US Military Intervention in Iraq!

1) Tell Your Member of Congress: Oppose US Military Intervention in Iraq or Syria Oppose the $ 571 Billion Defense Appropriations Bill Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 2) Call the White House. Let President Obama know you oppose military intervention of any kind in Iraq or Syria and urge him to seek a diplomatic solution. White House […]

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syria kid

VIDEO–National Teach-In on Syria & U.S. Policy in the Region (Updated)

Again, thanks to everyone who made our Oct. 8th Syria teach-in the success that it was. Each of the panelists did a great job!! Because the presentations were so packed with useful information and insightful, we hope you encourage folks to take the time to watch the teach-in. It runs for a little more than an hour and is […]

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Toronto Activists Oppose US Strike on Syria

Antiwar Mobilization Thwarts Syria Attack — for now!

“Military might is not what defines a superpower. You have to have super patience. You have to have super negotiating power and diplomatic resources. And you have to have super humanitarian aid where needed. We have the possibility of doing all of that.”                         […]

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Pressure Congress to Stop Syria Strike

Pressure Congress Now: Prevent US Use of Military Force in Syria

Grass-roots organization against the use of force in Syria has increased over the weekend and is likely to grow during the next few days. As of now, it is still expected that both the Senate and House will vote this week, although this could change especially if it becomes clear that the Administration does not […]

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Leslie Cagan, Peace Activist & Co-founder UFPJ

Leslie Cagan: Take Action NOW, Prevent US Military Disaster in Syria

If you’ve seen or heard the news any time in the last 24 hours you know the dynamics around a possible military strike by the U.S. against Syria are in flux. There are important developments within the international community, developments which might lead to a diplomatic resolution of this crisis. But there is no certainty […]

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