PETITION: Block War Funding in Syria– Improve Diplomacy With Russia

UFPJ is pleased to join our peace movement partners in supporting a joint petition to Congress to block war funding. The petition urges Congress to “enact legislation to block the use of any U.S. taxpayer funds for continuing warfare, directly or by proxy, in Syria.” We also call on our elected representatives to avert a nuclear confrontation by improving diplomatic relations with Russia. Tell Congress, “While defunding endless and disastrous wars as well as cutting wasteful military expenditures, you can provide funds for urgent human and environmental needs”, by signing this petition and make a call directly to Congress using this link. Thank you for taking action.  

Click here to read UFPJ’s recent call Stop US Military Action In Syria

If you support UFPJ’s never-ending work for peace and justice, please make a contribution today, to help us carry-on and expand the success of our campaigns

And if you haven’t already, please sign the UFPJ Peace Pledge petition against Trumps $54 billion military budget increase! Tell Democrats and Republicans in Congress that we value and support a system that supports public needs, not endless war and corporate profiteers.

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