People’s Climate March: Peace & Justice Contingent Highlights Undeniable Link Between Militarism & Climate Change

Are your protest signs and marching shoes ready? The People’s Climate March is happening on April 29! There will be rallies, marches, and actions around the world. Do you know where to find your local meet-up or how to join the peace and justice contingent converging in D.C.? Peace organizers everywhere should participate in the PCM and be loud and visible, to expose the connections between militarism and climate change, which cannot be ignored. Gather with peace activists around the country, on the 100th day of Donald Trump’s increasingly dangerous presidency, to reinforce these truths:
  1. We cannot effectively address climate change without ending war and militarism
  2. We cannot end war without ending the fossil fuel energy system that breeds both the climate crisis and war
  3. The threat, use, and stockpiling of nuclear weapons endangers our lives and puts the future of our planet in peril
Please take a look at the resources we’ve collected below and share them with your networks to plug people in and keep them informed. See you in the streets! -UFPJ Coordinating Committee


  • Rally MC’s: George Martin, Liberty Tree Foundation; Kate Alexander, Peace Action NY State
  • Rally Speakers: Judith LeBlanc, Native Organizers Alliance; Leslie Cagan, People’s Climate March NYC; Medea Benjamin, Code Pink; Phyllis Bennis, Institute of Policy Studies; Beatrice Maneshi, UN WILPF with Reaching Critical Will; David Swanson, World Beyond War; Zarah Vinola, National Alliance for Filipino ConcernsNomah Ahmen, student from Yemen; Dr. Marwa Alfaraj, Saudi physician; Jim Anderson, Peace Action NY State
  • Poetry: Rasha Abdul-Hadi, from Split This Rock
  • Music by: Pam Parker, Singer/Songwriter; Ben Grosscup, Singer/Song Writer; Raging Grannies Chorus
  • Sponsors: Peace Action, World Beyond War, CodePink, United National Antiwar Committee, United for Peace and Justice, U.S. Peace Council, Liberty Tree Foundation


For Organizers Participating in Local People’s Climate March Actions Outside of D.C.    

Download These Peace Hub Organizing Resources

Stop the Wars, Save the Planet Statement

Outreach Flyer (2up, add local contact)

Stop the Wars Stop the Stop the Wars Stop the Warming Logo

Save the Date for the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb

Throughout June and July of 2017, governments will negotiate the ban on nuclear weapons at the United Nations. WILPF and our coalition are hitting the streets to celebrate and also demand a good treaty that prohibits these weapons of mass destruction once and for all! The Women’s March Ban the Bomb is a women-led initiative building on the momentum of movements at the forefront of the resistance, including the Women’s March on Washington. It will bring together people of all genders, sexual orientations, ages, races, abilities, nationalities, cultures, faiths, political affiliations and backgrounds to march and rally at 12 PM -4PM Saturday, June 17th 2017 in New York City!

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