Stop Trump from Starting Nuclear War- Sign the Movement-wide Petition!

In the last few months, the peace and justice movement has united and effectively fought back against racism, islamophobia, and militarism. We’re listening and responding to the people and one thing is clear: Americans don’t want Donald Trump to have supreme authority to launch a nuclear strike! Right now, Trump has the power to start a nuclear catastrophe as quickly as he can send a tweet. Luckily, many people are working to change that, and two members of Congress, Rep. Ted Lieu and Sen. Ed Markey, have proposed urgent legislation to prevent the U.S. president from starting a nuclear war without a declaration of war by Congress. Trump has threatened nuclear war and nuclear expansion repeatedly during and since his campaign. He has also proven that he has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to nuclear policy and that he is making an extremely deadly potential danger even worse. This situation also exposes the fact that the problem isn’t just Trump, it’s a fatal flaw in the design of the system meant to prevent nuclear war and it must be changed. No one person, no President, should have the ability to trigger a nuclear war!

Join the growing movement working to prevent nuclear catastrophe!

Sign the petition demanding that Congress keep us safe by making it illegal for President Trump, or any successor, to start a nuclear war!

We’re partnering with some new and longtime allies to have an impact that the peace movement hasn’t seen in a while. Collaborators include American Friends Service Committee, Arms Control Association, Council for a Livable World, CREDO, Daily Kos, Global Zero, Just Foreign Policy, Peace Action, Ploughshares Fund, Progressive Congress Action Fund, Public Citizen,, Union of Concerned Scientists,, Win Without War, and Women’s Action for New Directions. An overwhelming number of signatures are coming in. Altogether over 415,000 people have already signed! Let’s get to half a million!! This can only happen through many organizations coming together to show our combined strength!

Don’t wait– add your name to the petition to keep Trump’s Twitter fingers off the nuclear button!

Support UFPJ’s sustained efforts to promote nuclear abolition and redefine security. Learn more about the Nuclear Disarmament/Redefining Security Working Group, UFPJ’s oldest working group, established at our 2003 National Assembly.

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