The Fight to Stop DAPL isn’t Over. It’s ON!

Just a few days ago the Trump Administration and the Army moved to approve the easement for Energy Transfer Partners to drill under Lake Oahe on the Missouri River and build the Dakota Access Pipeline through Native land at Standing Rock, despite threats to the environment and the likely contamination of drinking water for millions of people living along the Missouri River. They also suspended a 14-day waiting period which means that the drilling could already be starting. The resistance at Standing Rock continues through the courts and through mass mobilization. Leaders at Standing Rock are calling for solidarity actions around the country and around the globe to protest the Trump Administrator’s order and for a large demonstration on Washington on March 10. Here’s how you can take action, today!
  • Use our form to send public comment to the Army Corps. of Engineers. Tell them to:

    • Respect and honor the human, legal, and treaty rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
    • Protect the drinking water of the 17 million people who rely on water from the Missouri River
    • Resist the Trump Administration’s order and stop the construction of the DAPL
With each new day of the Trump Administration comes another assault on our movements with a total disregard for human rights. And with each assault comes another reason to actively resist the new and dangerous dominion in Washington. Every time we reach out to you and other UFPJ activists with updates about Standing Rock, the response has been tremendous. Thank you for taking action. Please make a donation of $17 today to help us continue this work when the times are tough. Please remember to include your organization’s events on our calendar and to affiliate or update your information as a UFPJ member group. Let us know how your action goes.  

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