This is an urgent announcement for an imminent action in New York City. Please take a moment to RSVP and share it widely with your groups and peace contacts. ANTIWAR ACTION IN NYC WEDNESDAY, NOV. 2 AT 2PM! From: Times Square Army Recruiting Station To: Trump and Clinton Campaign Headquarters Will you join us? RSVP HERE: Facebook event page:
As part of the Peace Pledge campaign, United for Peace and Justice is hosting an antiwar action in NYC on Nov. 2 to hold presidential candidates accountable for their dangerous, costly, and deadly positions on war and militarism. On Wednesday, we will take the our message to the candidate and their campaigns. Immediately after Election Day, we will make our demands to the President Elect and the New Congress.
Stop the threats of use of military force! Keep their fingers off the button! Reverse the carbon footprint of war! End armed intervention abroad! Stop selling weapons! Welcome refugees! Demilitarize police and end mass incarceration at home! Move the money back to our communities. Solidarity with Standing Rock! Solidarity with Black Lives Matter! Solidarity with Refugees! 
Join dissatisfied voters and activists from around the NYC area to hold presidential candidates accountable on their pro-war positions which threaten our security and survival. We will begin at US Army Recruiting Station in Times Square, New York City and then break off to take our message of peace-as-policy to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters. No matter who gets elected on Nov. 8, the movement for Peace and Justice must act to SAY NO TO WORLD WAR 3!
Please also RSVP on and share Facebook event page:
Thank you for being a part of the #PEACEPLEDGE. Look forward to seeing you there! -UFPJ   The Peace Pledge:
“No matter which pro-war-candidate is elected to the White House, I pledge to continue organizing for peace.  I know that voting alone cannot and will not end America’s perpetual wars, so I am recommitting myself to nonviolent direct action and movement building.  
I will protest, vigil, lobby, sit-in, and take creative action to dismantle the war machine and build a culture of peace with racial, economic and social justice that redirects the billions spent by the Pentagon to fund crucial programs for our people, our communities and our planet.”  
Sign the Pledge here:

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  1. Henry
    November 3, 2016 at 5:53 am #

    Why is this happening

    • MaTT De Vlieger
      November 7, 2016 at 11:40 pm #

      The demo? To ignite antiwar action around the country, no matter who is elected. Read the post.