Mourning Tom Hayden

United for Peace and Justice mourns the death of Tom Hayden, a long-time friend and generous supporter of our organization.

Tom Hayden addresses the UFPJ National Assembly about building strong social movements to end wars. (6/22/07)

Tom Hayden addresses the UFPJ National Assembly about building strong social movements to end wars (6/22/07). Click here for the video.

Tom Hayden will be remembered as one of the giants of the movement for peace and social justice in our lifetime. Through all the major struggles of the past decades – for civil rights, peace, a safe environment and labor rights- his was a consistent voice on behalf of a wider humanity. Throughout his adult life, Tom never shied away from controversy and his ideas about strategy were never predictable. What could be counted upon was his thoughtfulness – his willingness to look at problems in a complex way and to be open to different perspectives. Always a person of courage and energy, he remained an inspiration to new generations of activists. For United for Peace and Justice, he was a loyal friend—participating in our conferences, working groups and strategy sessions. No matter how busy he might be, when we needed his help, he was there for us. We will always value our association with Tom Hayden and forever benefit from his example of principled activism.

–Leslie Cagan, Rusti Eisenberg, and Gael Murphy and the Entire United for Peace and Justice Coordinating Committee

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One Response to “Mourning Tom Hayden”

  1. Joel Paplham
    November 15, 2016 at 7:18 pm #

    The Milwaukee event to protest DAPL was a failure. I was watching from a safe distance and it appeared to be attended by only “aging hippies” appearing to be waiting for a bus back to the senior living center. Nothing was disrupted by the protest. Wells Fargo employees conducted business as usual. The Milwaukee Police presents was noticeably down graded within the first
    hour of the protest. If people want to help Native American give them back their country.