UFPJ Sponsors Summit on Saudi Arabia

The United States and Saudi Arabia have long shared an virtually unquestioned alliance and various business ties around oil, militarism, and finance. Despite Saudi Arabia’s extreme human rights abuses and threats to national and global security, the United States still supports the Kingdom with massive weapons sales and through close diplomatic relations. The coziness of this partnership must be scrutinized and it must be stopped.

In January, UFPJ supported a petition with other partners in the peace movement to call for an end of the sale of weapons to Saudia Arabia, by the US and its allies. Around that same time, UFPJ’s Coordinating Committee unanimously supported an opportunity to endorse the 2016 Summit on Saudi Arabia: “Understanding the Kingdom and its Global Role.”

The Summit, which will take place in Washington DC on March 5 and 6, is being co-hosted by many UFPJ member groups and affiliated organizations, including CODEPINK, Institute for Policy Studies, Peace Action, US Labor Against the War, and Voices for Creative Non-violence, to name just a few.

Here are some steps you can take to get involved in the campaign to “End the US Saudi Alliance”:

Click here to buy your ticket to the 2016 Summit on Saudi Arabia.

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