Call for December 10th Human Rights Day/Syria Actions

International dayfor human rights (2) As an active member of the Peace and Planet coalition, United for Peace and Justice is joining organizations around the world in calling for a day of action on December 10th, International Human Rights Day. Read the full call-to-action, here. Find an event near you, here. Submit your local action to our calendar, here. The world is up in arms following the attacks in Beirut and Paris. Some have used these attacks as an opportunity to respond with greater violence – something that will not eradicate terrorism. Today, more bombs are dropping on Syria. Peaceful refugees who’ve tried to flee their war torn country for safety are being unjustly vilified and turned away by nations that should be welcoming them with protection. Meanwhile, global wars are intensifying as the U.S. and its allies are fighting wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Ukraine and Somalia. Worse, in Syria and Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the two major nuclear weapons states, the U.S. and Russia, are fighting on opposite sides of the conflicts. It’s time for us to take powerful action for peace on December 10. We cannot sit by quietly, while our world further descends into more war, chaos, and hate. Waging peace and diplomacy can resolve these crisis and help our planet avert greater tragedy. The human right to peace must be honored. For December 10, International Human Rights Day we call all our friends who cherish peace to join us, to engage in creative peaceful actions in towns and cities throughout the world calling for ceasefires and intensive diplomatic negotiations to end to these wars. We call on the International Peace Movement to:
  • Mobilize public meetings
  • Create vigils, rallies and demonstrations
  • Generate church sermons
  • Engage in nonviolent Civil Disobedience
  • Contact Members of Congress, Parliaments, Foreign Ministers and Heads of Governments
  • Call our brothers and sisters in the other mass movements to join us
Read the full call-to-action, here. Post your local action on our calendar, here. UFPJ works hard to support efforts like this, but it takes resources and we cannot do it without your help. Please make a donation today so we can continue to facilitate the work of the peace movement and build an even stronger network to oppose war and defend human rights.   Click here to donate to UFPJ.

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