Which Candidate Did You Hear Supporting Peace?

If you heard the candidates during last night’s Democratic Party debates, you know it is time for peace and justice activists to lead! Who spoke out forcefully for diplomacy and peace? Who condemned the ways our bloated military budget has undercut spending on critical human needs like jobs, education and addressing climate change? Who condemned the senseless and immoral wars that are raging in so many places today? These are the issues UFPJ has promoted for 13 years. Please donate today so that UFPJ can continue this vital work. UFPJ’s strong voice for peace is needed to keep these issues front and center during the campaign. It’s clear that the mainstream media won’t do that for us. We must do that for ourselves. Your donation today will help UFPJ turn up the volume so that our demands for diplomacy, peace and spending on social needs rather than weapons and war can be heard. Thank you so much, UFPJ’s National Coordinating Committee  

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2 Responses to “Which Candidate Did You Hear Supporting Peace?”

  1. October 14, 2015 at 3:42 pm #

    Senator Bernie Sanders was promoting Peace!

  2. Brian Reed
    October 18, 2015 at 12:50 am #

    Definitely Bernie Sanders. I hope everyone here caught at the end how Hillary Clinton replied when asked who she was proud to have as an enemy and said, “the Iranians.” After the Obama Administration worked so hard to get the nuclear deal with Iran and avoid war, despite relentless efforts of many in Congress, Israel, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere to sabotage any hope for such, that really makes my blood boil, especially since she came out in favor of diplomacy after pressure from democratic, left-leaning and pro-peace groups to do so. I guess she will say anything depending on what crowd she thinks she’s trying to please.