NDAA Vote Today! Tell Congress: “No More Money For War!” 202-224-3121

You can’t make this up! Twenty-four hours after the horrifying Amtrak train crash, which could have been avoided with advanced speed-control technology, the House Appropriations Committee voted to cut approximately 20% of Amtrak’s appropriation in order to meet the cap of the 2011 Budget Control Act.
Meanwhile, the House of Representatives will be voting today May 15 for a $612 billion FY Defense Authorization Act. (NDAA). This easily exceeds the Budget Control Act by placing $96 billion in the Overseas Contingency Operations Fund, which is exempt from sequestration.
Years of war and wasted money can numb the public to outrageous choices. Billions of dollars for long-range bombers, new ballistic missile submarines, modernized nuclear weapons! And insufficient money for trains, bridges and urgently needed infrastructure. Billions of dollars to maintain ground troops in Afghanistan, to continue bombing in Syria and Iraq, to fire drones into Pakistan and Yemen, and to subsidize Special Ops mission in more than 100 countries. All of these activities creating more enemies, more civilian suffering and more instability across the globe. Meanwhile, Congress is lacking the funds to provide for the health, education, housing and security of people here at home.
Make just one phone call today: 202-224-3121 !
  • Let your member of Congress know, you are tired of the endless wars, and the endless waste of public money.
  • Tell them to VOTE NO on the $612 billion Defense Authorization Bill.
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