State of the Dream 2015: Underbanked & Overcharged,

Even though it has been 51 years since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously shared his dream of an America made available to all, regardless of skin color or economic status, we are still fighting for many of the sSOD Cover 2015ame principles that the Civil Rights Movement stood for—and many are seeing and experiencing much of the social strife that rises to the surface when people unite to challenge the status quo. Every year, United for a Fair Economy releases a report that reflects on Dr. King’s vision of a more equitable society. This year’s report, State of the Dream 2015: Underbanked & Overcharged, explores how an exclusionary and predatory banking system has been built, who is being affected, how much it costs workers and communities, and what we can begin to do to address the problem.  We are viewing this year’s State of the Dream report as an ongoing project: with continued research, policy recommendations, organizing efforts and facilitating the exchange of innovative ideas for how to rein in predators that are stripping wealth out of the communities that can least afford it. We hope you enjoy a free download of the report here, and if you’d like any copies of the report or its highlights (available in Spanish, Chinese or French), please contact me directly.


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