Pressure Congress Now: Prevent US Use of Military Force in Syria

Grass-roots organization against the use of force in Syria has increased over the weekend and is likely to grow during the next few days. As of now, it is still expected that both the Senate and House will vote this week, although this could change especially if it becomes clear that the Administration does not have sufficient votes to pass the resolution in the House. 

Useful initiatives, you might wish to join:
  • Attend or List an Action: If you are organizing in your area to take civic action against the US threats against Syria, please post your event, or if you are interested in finding out what is going on in your area, see our up-to-date-list on Syria actions around the country.
  • Move-on/ US Action are holding vigils all across the country. You can check here for the location of a vigil near you or offer to host one: 
  • Keep Calling: Switchboards were flooded last week, which is having a huge impact. It will be helpful if you keep calling and urge others to do so as well. For calls to the DC offices, the Friends Committee on National Legislation has set-up a toll-free number. This will make it possible to keep track of the numbers of calls coming in. Toll free number is 1-855-686-6927. 
  • If you are have trouble getting through, call their district or state offices. You can find out phone number and location here: 
  • Congressional Drop-Ins: There has been tremendous activity around the offices this past week. It makes a significant impression, when small groups of people drop-in at these locations, bringing letters and petitions and expressing concern to the staff that is there.
For more information on what’s advancing in Syria, check out our Resources page and stay even more current by liking our Facebook Page.

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