Leslie Cagan: Take Action NOW, Prevent US Military Disaster in Syria

Leslie Cagan, Peace Activist & Co-founder UFPJ

Leslie Cagan, Peace Activist & Co-founder UFPJ

If you’ve seen or heard the news any time in the last 24 hours you know the dynamics around a possible military strike by the U.S. against Syria are in flux. There are important developments within the international community, developments which might lead to a diplomatic resolution of this crisis. But there is no certainty as to how events will unfold in the coming hours or days.

What is known is our resolve and our commitment to do all we can to prevent any U.S. military action! What we also know is that our work…the work of thousands of people throughout the country…is having a tremendous impact. From the halls of Congress to the studios of major media outlets, the strong opposition to military action is being heard, and noted. The literally tens of thousands of phone calls, email messages, petition signatures, visits with members of Congress, letters to the editor, vigils and marches and rallies are making a difference.

This evening, President Barack Obama will address the people of this country, and his message will be heard around the world. We have not seen his speech and so we cannot be certain of what he’ll say. But there is a good chance he’ll claim that the movement on the diplomatic front has only happened because of the threat of military action, and therefore he needs the support of Congress to put even more meat into that threat by giving him the military authorization he seeks.

Our response to his comments must be heard by every member of Congress, in both the House and the Senate. We urge you to take a moment this evening, after the President speaks, or first thing tomorrow morning, to make another round of calls. Contact your Senators and your Representative. Even if they have already heard from you…this is the critical time to make those calls and send those messages.

Remember, we are in the majority. Most people in this country do not want the U.S. to use military force in Syria. Let’s do everything we can to make sure that opposition holds firm. Let’s prevent another U.S. military disaster.

-Leslie Cagan


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