Celebrating the Life and Work of Charley Richardson: Co-Founder MFSO

A life celebration for Charley Richardson, co-founder of Military Families Speak Out will be held this Saturday in Boston. Charley died May 4, 2013. UFPJ salutes Charley Richardson and his work for peace and justice.  Below is a statement from MFSO. Military Families Speak Out is deeply saddened by the death of co-founder Charley Richardson, who passed away Saturday, May 4th. Charley has been a beacon of hope and inspiration, a mentor and teacher, and a shoulder to cry on for so many of us in this movement and beyond. The seeds of MFSO were sown in the summer of 2002 when Charley’s son, a U.S. Marine, was being deployed and it became clear he would most likely be ending up in Iraq. As life-long peace and labor activists, Charley, and his wife Nancy Lessin, knew they couldn’t sit by silently while their son was being sent into harm’s way, to a war that should not be happening, an illegal and immoral war of aggression. They brought a sign to anti-war protests with their son’s picture on it that said, “Our Son Is A Marine – Don’t Send Him to War for Oil!” Charley and Nancy were overwhelmed by the response they received to the power of their voice as a military family protesting the war. Visit Military Families Speak Out for the full story.


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