UFPJ Featured in the NY Daily News!

Grassroots groups unite to petition Obama and Congress: Create jobs, end the Afghanistan war

United for Peace and Justice, U.S, Labor Against the War and 54 other groups have signed onto the Jobs Not Wars petition; they plan to send it to the White House and Congress around Inauguration Day

Jobs, not wars. That was the clear will the majority of Americans forcefully and democratically expressed last November with the re-election of Barack Obama. Yet those voters cannot simply rest on their laurels satisfied with having chosen a particular vision for the future of the nation as represented, in this case, by Obama and the Democratic Party. So says Michael McPhearson, national coordinator for United for Peace & Justice, a group that, together with U.S. Labor Against the War, started an online petition campaign called the Jobs Not Wars campaign. “I do believe Obama’s win represents the nation’s rejection of the direction the GOP wants to take the country, one of austerity, tax advantages for the rich and a reduction in the services we all need,” said McPhearson, a Newark resident. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/grassroots-groups-president-congress-jobs-wars-article-1.1213334#ixzz2EEx5H3gt

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