Make Climate Change a Presidential Election Issue.


Just Two Weeks Left To Sign The Presidential Candidate Climate Emergency Petition!

  Do you think the next President of the United States should acknowledge and have a plan for addressing climate disruption for the sake of the American people, future generations, and our planet?  If so, the Climate Summit 2013 Coalition asks you to join the growing list of over 1,000 leaders and individuals that have already signed the petition asking President Obama and Mitt Romney to tell the American people what their positions are on climate disruption and to hold a national summit within the next president’s first 100 days in office.    Please sign in the next two weeks or no later than September 14 because the petition, with signatures, will be released in mid-September to in sure that both Presidential candidates respond to it.   A diverse group– including farmers, government officials, people of faith and color, scientists, actors, and young people–have already signed includingWes Sims, President, Texas Farmers Union; noted climate scientist Dr. James HansenDeb Fikes, Executive Advisor, World Evangelical Alliance; Kitty Piercy, Mayor, City of Eugene, Oregon; Bill McKibben, author and founder of 350.orgDr. Joel C. Hunter, Senior Pastor, Northland–A Church Distributed, Longwood, Fl.; Joe Uehlein, former Sec.-Treas., Industrial Union Division, AFL-CIO and Labor Network for Sustainability; Bill Bradbury, former Oregon Secretary of State; Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr., President, Hip Hop Caucus; Coraminita Mahr, Vice President, 1199 SEIU; Pete Seeger , musician and singer; Roger Wise, President, Ohio Farmers Union; Susan Sarandon, actor; Richard Cizik, President, New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good; Kathy Mattea, musician/singer; Edward Asner, actor. Please join them by signing the petition which can be found here:   Background: Climate disruption is the most serious issue facing humanity today. This year’s devastating drought, heat waves, and wildfires show it is already well underway. Left uncontrolled the impacts will be catastrophic for us, and all future generations. Despite the gravity of the risks, neither President Obama nor Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes climate disruption a focal point of their communications. Neither candidate has made a public commitment to do what’s necessary to address the problem. The petition therefore seeks to make climate disruption a central issue in this year’s Presidential election. Specifically, it seeks to compel both candidates to openly inform the American public of their position on climate disruption, and to commit to holding a national summit within their first 100 days in office to identify solutions. If you are a current or former elected official, or a leader of a private business or non-profit organization you can help make climate disruption a key issue in this year’s Presidential election by signing the petition. Individuals can sign as well. Please sign your name in the next two weeks or no later than September 14.  After that date, the statement will publicized, and the petition will be sent to the Presidential Debate Commission with a request that both candidates be asked to respond to it.  

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