The fight in the Jeju Islands continues!

The Gangjeong village and their growing team of supporters just organized a peace walk around their entire island.  Almost 1,000 people walked in two groups going east and west.  They met in Jeju City on August 4 for a big rally and concert.
Sung-Hee Choi writes from Jeju Island:

A music video with collection of photos and videos by a grand march report team.  See here

Directed by the Sajahooo TV

March participants’ flight to the Jeju Island and march experience for 5 nights 6 days recorded in the collection of photos and videos : ‘Peace Is the Way.’

The lyric of background song titled, “To the country of happiness,” … ‘Open the curtain, open the window[..] Let’s feel the breeze again. Please let me walk on the grass field. I want to laugh and cry. Please touch my heart[..] I will dance overcoming rain and thunder. I will go to the country of happiness.[...] The wilderness is vast. The sky is blue..Let’s all go to the country of happiness…’

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