Confronting Corporate Power: Bank of America

Converge for Justice

Occupy Wall Street, South

Break Up BOA’s Business as Usual!

May 6-9, Charlotte, NC

On May 6-9 people from across the country and world will be converging in Charlotte, NC, home of Bank of America’s Headquarters and their annual Shareholder meeting, to demand an end to their practices that are bankrupting our economy and wrecking our climate. Homeowners, students, immigrants, environmentalists, workers, women’s groups, peace activists and more will be in Charlotte, bringing their stories, hearts and communities to the fight against Bank of America and the economic inequality, racial injustice and environmental destruction they have wrought. Bank of America is:
  • #1 forecloser of homes in the US,
  • #1 funder of the US coal industry,
  • Job killer by letting go of nearly 100,000 workers over the past several years,
  • Bonus Buster paying its top five executives over $500 million in bonuses,
  • Saddling students with a lifetime of debt, and
  • Financing the war machine.
Bank of America, and its profits-over-people-and-planet business model, is drowning our democracy through huge financial contributions to lobbyists that are serving the interests of the 1% and are participating in corporate-funded groups like American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Financial Services Roundtable. As a global community united for real economic and racial justice, it is time that BoA is held accountable, invest in public needs and services, or face being broken up to achieve the justice we need. Whether you are a community member, homeowner, worker or student, we need to come together to challenge corporate power and create an economy and democracy that works for all of us.

Join the 99% for a Week of Actions

as We  Break Up Bank of America’s Business As Usual!

Week of Action! Sun, May 6   Interfaith Activities Day of Training Art making Action Spokes Council Mon, May 7   Visibility Day with activities in high traffic areas and local banks! Action Spokes Council Tues. May 8  Education Day with Press event and Alternative Summit! Final trainings and action spokes council Wed. May 9  Break Up Business as Usual for Bank of America Shareholders! May 9th BOA Shareholder Meeting Action Plan: On the morning of May 9 at 8 am, people from around the state, country and world will converge on the “Wall Street of the South” to participate in creative, mass non-violent direct action to “Break Up Business As Usual for Bank of America.” Our marches will carry our call for justice to the doors of the Shareholder meeting and surrounding areas.  On the day of the Shareholder meeting, people will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of creative educational, cultural, theatrical, visibility, and nonviolent direct action activities. March Assembly Sites: Housing Justice Now! Bank of America, N. Tryon @ 9th St. Stop Funding Coal and the Militarization of Our Communities! The Green, Tryon @ Levine Ave of the Arts Corporations Out of Politics:  Pay Your Taxes Not Your Lobbyists! Old City Hall, Davidson @ 4th St

For more information on how to get involved in organizing for the Bank of America Shareholder’s protest, visit

Facebook event: Protest the Bank of America Shareholder Meeting Twitter: #MakeBoAPay For questions related to general information, please email: For questions related to the Week of Actions, please email: Originally posted Here

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