Doo-Occuy March 31th – April 3rd

The American Spring is nearly upon us. The Doo-Occupy! Bail Out America project, is a collaboration instigated by the Backbone Campaign to bring best practices in community organizing for eviction protection, student debt relief and other economic democracy causes – and combine them with the strategic thinking and hottest tactical tools used by Backbone Campaign and others. Our hope is to provide focus and capacity to the emerging populist uprising. We wish to help amplify its power through inspiring movement building campaigns that can are rooted in communities and deliver victories that make a material difference in people’s lives. Through this we will grow our movement from the power we have to the power we need to transform society and establish a new social contract based not on citizenship or property, but on universal human rights. Doo-Occupy! Bail Out America is an intensive “Learning by Doing” action training that will deliver tools to take home, including stories and lesson from a couple of the hottest actions you’ll ever experience. Thanks to all our allies for joining the fun. Register here! 

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