Prevent War and Promote Diplomacy With Iran

In building American support for a confrontation with Iran, the Israeli government has focused attention on members of Congress. This past week, the visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu to Washington was accompanied by a massive lobbying effort on Capitol Hill. Thousands of AIPAC supporters  visited Congressional offices, where they pressured Senators and Congressional Representatives to support legislation on Iran designed to curtail peaceful options for resolving the conflict. If passed, this bill implicitly calls for a military attack on Iran when Iran reaches a “nuclear capability.” At that stage diplomacy will be off the table.
After two days of lobbying, AIPAC brought the number of co-sponsors for this dangerous Senate resolution (S. Res.380) to 56 and co-sponsors for the House version (H. Res 568) up to 94. For full text and list of co-sponsors of the Senate bill,  And for full text and list of co-sponsors for H. Res. 568
Some good news is that Congresswoman Barbara Lee has introduced legislation designed to promote diplomacy and to avert a war with Iran. For text and co-sponsors of the Lee bill HR 4173
What Can We Do:
Call your Senator and Representatives office and let them know that the last thing their constituents want is a war with Iran. This is not in our national interest or the best interest of any nation.
*Ask your Congressional Representative to become a co-sponsor of Barbara Lee’s important bill HR 4173.
* Check the list of co-sponsors for S.Res. 380 and H. Res. 568. If your Senators or Congressional representative are on that list, urge them to take their name off. And if they are not on the list, urge them to vote against the resolution when it comes up for a vote, perhaps as early as this week.
Use FCNL toll-free number 855-NO WAR ( 855-688-6927).
And please pass along feedback to
Co-Chairs of UFPJ Legislative Working Group


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