Meeting Goals: UFPJ Occupy Peace Meeting in Philadelphia, February 24-26

Register      GOALS       AGENDA        TRANSPORTATION          ACCOMMODATIONS      HOMESTAYS UFPJ has identified that it is not interested in creating a series of workshops, speakers’ panels, etc. that are often typical of activist conferences. The methodology for the facilitation will focus on horizontal participation with an emphasis on “wisdom from the floor” rather than having one-way sharing by experts. Goals 1.  Begin an ongoing conversation about how to build a new future of domestic and international justice and peace, and how to work together to achieve it. (A discussion with activists from the Occupy movement and a cross spectrum of people from various domestic struggles)
    • Discuss and clarify the connectivity of our issues and our movements
    • Identify the roadblocks and opportunities for working together and moving past single-issue organizing
    • Build a calendar of actions, events, and key dates over the next year where collaboration could happen
2. Provide space for the anti-war movement to regroup, evaluate, and move forward in an environment where U.S. foreign policy and progressive social movements in the U.S. have changed.
  • What is the peace movement’s trajectory? What is the peace and justice narrative?
  • Discuss current and potential efforts in response to U.S. Iran/Afghanistan/ Iraq policy (emphasis on Iran), growing tensions with Russia and the new U.S. military focus on the Asia Pacific Region (China)
  •  Clarify UFPJ’s role in supporting member group efforts

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