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Transportation to UFPJ Occupy Peace Conference: 24-26 February, Philadelphia, PA

Register      GOALS       AGENDA        TRANSPORTATION          ACCOMMODATIONS      HOMESTAYS Getting to Philadelphia Philadelphia is located at the heart of the country’s densest public transportation network along the Northeast corridor so it’s pretty easy to get around carfree. Occupy Peace will be held downtown and parking is very difficult […]

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NYC Halloween Parade

Meeting Goals: UFPJ Occupy Peace Meeting in Philadelphia, February 24-26

Register      GOALS       AGENDA        TRANSPORTATION          ACCOMMODATIONS      HOMESTAYS UFPJ has identified that it is not interested in creating a series of workshops, speakers’ panels, etc. that are often typical of activist conferences. The methodology for the facilitation will focus on horizontal participation with an emphasis on “wisdom […]

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Homestays and Hotels: UFPJ Occupy Peace Conference, Feb 24-26 Philadelphia PA

Register      GOALS       AGENDA        TRANSPORTATION          ACCOMMODATIONS      HOMESTAYS Join us In Philadelphia PA, February 24-26  Member groups of United For Peace and Justice are gathering with members of Occupy Philly and activists across the spectrum of social and economic struggles to discuss charting a course of a […]

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