Occupy the Courts with Move to Amend

As we head into the most expensive election in the history of the world, now is the time to get involved. While corporations are pouring millions of dollars into the Presidential campaign, volunteers across the country are pouring countless hours into the movement to demand real democracy in the United States and counter the corporate takeover of our government. They may have the money, but if we all put our shoulders to the wheel, we have the people! Here are some of the ways to join the Move(ment) to Amend: 100 cities (and counting) are holding rallies to participate in Occupy the Courts – a one-day protest at federal courthouses across the United States – including the US Supreme Court. Please watch and then share our video call to action and join an Occupy the Courts action near you on Friday, January 20, 2012. Move to Amend’s goal is to have 50 Towns and Cities with our resolution on the ballot in November 2012. Our City Council resolutions are already sweeping the nation – Los Angeles (CA), Albany (NY), Duluth (MN), New York City (NY), Chapel Hill (NC), Pueblo (CO) (and more!) but to take this movement to the next level we need millions of people to take a stand against Corporate Constitutional Rights in 2012, and the way to do that is to place this issue right in front of the American people as they head to the polls to cast their ballot for President For more info Click here!

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