KC Financing for Nuclear Weapons Parts

In a public-private partnership, 14 private investors have purchased Kansas City municipal bonds for $673 million for construction of a new plant making and procuring nuclear weapons parts. For the first 20 years, this plant will be owned by the local Planned Industrial Expansion Authority. When citizens have tried to challenge this arrangement, we were told we couldn’t because nuclear weapons are a federal concern. But if that’s so, then why isn’t it the federal government that owns and takes on the debt for the plant? Updates The Council has received the petitions with enough signatures and has until their March 1, 2012 legislative session to act on them as ordinances. Their options are to pass them, pass something like them, or turn them down. If they turn them down, don’t act at all, or pass a substitute that’s not acceptable, we’ll file a request to put it on the ballot. But for right now, the mayor will assign both measures to committees, and there should be hearings. We expect to post times and dates for these hearings in this location once we know them. The campaign is sponsored by KC Peace Planters, a coalition of: Peacworks-KC; Physicians for Social Responbility-KC; East Meets West of Troost; Holy Family Catholic Worker House; Cherith Brooks Catholic Worker House; St. Lawrence Catholic Worker House; The Recipe LLC; KC’s Loretto Peace & Justice Network; the Social Justice Committee of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth; Benedictines for Peace; and Faith-Based Coalition for Peace, Justice & Healing. For more Information from please visit http://www.foolish-investment.com/


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