Legislative Working Group

War Funding and More – Legislative Working Group: The challenge of UFPJ’s Legislative Working Group is to live without illusions and without becoming disillusioned. (Adapted from Antonio Gramsci) What We Do: Our working group helps to connect people, as well as local and national organizations that are attempting to pressure Congress to end the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq and to redirect excessive military spending to urgent domestic needs. Individuals and local groups which are looking for ways to move Congress have found it helpful to be aware of approaches that are being used around the country. By participating in this Working Group you will receive timely information about impending legislation and issues. You can share information about actions your group has initiated and receive updates from others. For the past three years, this Working Group has been in the forefront of efforts to defeat the Defense Authorization and Defense Appropriations bills. We are continuing to oppose the FY 2012 military budget now making its way through both Houses of Congress.  The emergence of the Occupy Wall Street movement has spotlighted the failure of government to reflect the priorities of the American public. But it has also generated energy and hope for a different future, as people find their collective voices and resist the decisions of the 1%. It has never been more obvious that the Pentagon is draining our country of the resources to meet basic human needs for food, shelter, healthcare,education and jobs. So long as the current rate of military spending is allowed to continue, we will not be able to invest in a sustainable future. Our challenge is to compel Congress to act in the interests of the 99% of people, who need peace more than weapons. If I Join This List-Serve Will I Drown in Emails and Requests for money? No. But you will receive useful information and an opportunity to be connected with others who share your concerns.Co Conveners: Rusti Eisenberg Brooklyn for Peace and Gael Murphy UFPJ To join Legislative Working Group: Just send an email to: rustiandgael@unitedforpeace.org –give your name, organization (if any), names of Congressional Rep and Senators. Find your representatives and their staff here. You can call your member of Congress and ask them to join the Out of Afghanistan Caucus, stop funding the wars and bring the troops home via the Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121.


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